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(WoS) Journal papers

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(Scopus) Journal papers

Jose Cornejo, Salvador Barrera, Cesar Alonso Herrera-Ruiz, Fransico Gutierrez, Marcelo Casasnovas, Leonardo Kot, Miguel A. Solis, Roberto Larenas, Felipe Castro-Nieny, Mario Arbulu Saavedra, and others. Industrial, Collaborative and Mobile Robotics in Latin America: Review of Mechatronic Technologies for Advanced Automation In Emerging Science Journal, 2023. [ bib ]

(Scopus) Conference papers

Francisca Coiro, Miguel A. Solis, Cristóbal J. Nettle, and Anibal Chila. Pre-robot: an open-sourceeducational robotics platform for preschoolers In V Congress on Robotics and Neuroscience (CRoNe), 2020. [ bib ]

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Eduardo I. Silva and Miguel A. Solis An approach to stationary state estimation with missing data In 9th IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA), 2011. [ bib ]

Books, book chapters and theses

Oscar A. Silva and Miguel A. Solis Nature-Inspired Computing for Control Systems, chapter Evolutionary Function Approximation for Gait Generation on Legged Robots, pages 245-254. Springer International Publishing, 2016. [ bib]

Miguel A. Solis. Estimación de estado en sistemas de control observados en un canal con pérdida de datos Master's thesis, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, 2012. [ bib | .pdf ]

Miguel A. Solis. Reinforcement Learning on Control Systems with Unobserved States Doctorate in Engineering thesis, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, 2017. [ bib | .pdf ]

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